Thursday, December 10, 2009

Into the Gateway

Havering sits on the land between London and Essex. In 1965, the government saw fit to move the boundaries, depleting Essex and enhancing London by creating Greater London. Havering was included in that. So, here we sit, a "swing door" between city and country. As God has shown us by revelation, the enemy seeks to control what comes in and goes out.

So, we walk - a few of God's people walking the land, under the radar, like Joshua and Caleb, spying out where there are grapes and where the giants are. We walk in joy, carrying Christ in us, our hope of glory and in humility, not seeking to build for ourselves but for his kingdom in our area. That joy is our strength...

The depth of feeling we carry is all the greater as we all hail from here - it is our land. We are encouraged by a word from a visiting prophet -

'There is a birthright for each people group in this land - a geographical birthright'

which lines up with the scripture of Acts 17.26 that God placed people in the land so they would seek him and find him. We carry the people of this borough - with their hopes and fears - in our hearts as we walk the land.

Let's carry his heavy glory around the gateway.

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